Friday, January 3, 2014

This is Sparta(n) Vapes!

Greensboro's latest vape shop has now opened for business. Spartan Vapes is located near the campus of UNCG at 1719-C Spring Garden Street in Greensboro. I visited them on the day after their opening day. Upon entering I was immediately assaulted by a wall of vapor as though a fog machine had gone haywire within. I knew right away this was my kinda place and at once felt right at home. These guys are serious about vaping and are experienced and knowledgable when it comes to all things vape related.

Even though they have just opened, they've got a decent amount of inventory including e-juice from Fuzion, The Standard Vape, United, and Mountain Oak among others. I saw some mech mods including a sexy looking Lunar two-tone mod and a very well built Chi You clone. I was told they will be getting in a two-tone Caravela shortly along with some two-tone Chi You's.  Also visible was the Patriot RDA, along with various drip tips and other vaping goodies. I had just run out of Cell Block 4 (a very good butterscotch flavor from The Standard Vape) and was pleased to find it in stock and in my preferred strength. You can visit their Facebook page here: